Tommaso Ciampa releases statement about Johnny Gargano’s heel turn

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Tommaso Ciampa remains the best at social media while putting in the least about of effort.

Last night (Oct. 24) Johnny Gargano rocked the world of NXT to its very core when it was revealed he was the on who attacked Aleister Black back in August. Gargano is embracing the darkside and his former DIY tag team partner is right here to hold his hand through this difficult (wonderful) time.

Gargano didn’t have much to say after the event but that’s not stopping the current NXT champion from speaking about the incident. This morning Ciampa composed an official statement on Gargano’s heel turn on Wednesday night.

I don’t we’ve ever seen Tommaso Ciampa this happy.

You already have us sold on some sort of evil version #DIY reuniting in NXT.

Will NXT keep them apart? How soon will the paths of Ciampa and Gargano cross again?

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