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We’re back from our ho-ho-holidays! Wanna hear a joke? Sean Fagan, Paul Banasiak and Dominic Platt walk into a podcast. . .


In the last episode, we talked about Sylvie and her goal of setting a new fight record of 471 fights. That would make her the person with the most fights EVER! Just like Sylvie, many who enter Muay Thai or any combat sport or any sport often have great goals. They want to be a world champion, they want to break records and, most importantly, they want to be remembered.

There are nak muay like that… and then there are ones like Dominic Platt.

Dominic Platt just wanted to lose 50 or so pound to make his Muay Thai debut. Dominic Platt was a Muay Thai enthusiast before this, having run Muay Thai media and fight coverage. What makes him most interesting lies within his mindset: what turned Dominic Platt from a simple fan to a full-blown fighter?

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Dominic Platt fell in love with Muay Thai;
  • Building the “Sherdog” for Muay Thai fighters;
  • What made Dominic want to lose his weight;
  • How Dominic deals with naysayers;
  • And much, much more…

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