Tired Of Tapping To Kimuras? This Escape Is Perfect For Beginners

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The kimura is a fundamental submission that’s easy enough to learn, but surprisingly tricky to escape. Finding a way out of this BJJ submission isn’t always straight forward for beginners, so Alec Baulding is here to demonstrate a basic way out.

Here, Baulding breaks down the kimura escape so that even newer practitioners can learn how to get out of this joint lock before they have to tap… or worse, go to the emergency room. Take a look and drill this with your teammates so you can stop worrying about kimuras!

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Averi is the managing editor for the Jiu-Jitsu Times. She’s a purple belt under Andre Oliveira of Pura Vida BJJ in Costa Rica and an ambassador for Grapple Apparel. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @bjjaveri.

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