Three Sweeps To Beef Up Your Butterfly Guard

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Butterfly guard is a beautiful technique to have in your arsenal if an opponent ends up above you on their knees, but many students find themselves at a loss once they sneak the hooks in.

If you’re someone who goes “now what?” with any frequency, Quotes and Chokes put together this guide to three sweeps you can use to toss your partner. He also breaks down how to transition from the sweet into taking the back, and troubleshoots details like what to do if you lose the handfighting game and need another way to manipulate your opponent’s upper body for the sweep. Give this a look:

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Kimberly Kaye

Kimberly Kaye is a blue belt under Plinio Cruz now training BJJ and Muay Thai out of NOLA MMA. When she’s not being choked or kicked by large Louisianians, she’s a student of integrative medicine/nutrition at FCMA and rehabilitator of deaf bully breed dogs no one else wants. Kimberly coexists with the rare disease CIPO, and is an advocate for disabled individuals in the martial arts community and world at large.

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