Three possible superstars for Bray Wyatt’s first feud

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(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images) – WWE Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House has been the best thing in WWE programming over the last month and his debut in his new gimmick is around the corner.

After years of wandering in the mid-card with no real direction, WWE decided to give Bray Wyatt a break and get him out of the eyes of the viewer. While Wyatt’s character was unlike anything else in WWE, it was not being booked properly and as a result, was getting rather stale.

Right when everyone seemed to stop caring where Wyatt went he returned in a weirdly different children’s show-like promo. Over the next month, Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House became one of the best parts of WWE programming and had people excited to see Wyatt back in action.

Not only was this refreshing to his character, but it was nice to see how well he pulled off this gimmick change, proving that Windham Lawrence Rotunda could really sell anything that the creative team puts in front of him.

On this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Wyatt unveiled his secret, a new look for his character that sees him in a sinister clown mask.

If Wyatt is booked properly, this could be an extremely hot gimmick that could gain steam quick. Booking him like a legitimate horror villain is the best route and is the only real way to keep the kayfabe alive.

It is still unclear when Wyatt will return to action but it likely is not far off. We also don’t know which brand he’ll be a part of, as the Firefly Fun House segments have aired both on Raw and SmackDown Live.

Picking the right superstar to be his first dance partner back is an extremely important decision and here are three superstars that WWE could book against Wyatt in his return.

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