This WWE video of Brock Lesnar dancing with a boombox will make you feel sad about UFC

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Brock Lesnar had to make a choice.

He could either return to mixed martial arts (MMA) and fight Daniel Cormier for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight title, or he could remain with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and spend the rest of his career playing the fool.

I present to you last night’s “Brock Party.”

To think that a fierce competitor like Lesnar would rather juke and jive his way through Monday Night RAW with a custom-made boombox than step inside the cage to prove he’s the baddest man on the planet is bit depressing to me.

Not because of his fidelity to pro wrestling, but rather because the former NCAA Division 1 national champion already planned to make his UFC comeback and bailed once the promotion got into bed with ESPN.

UFC lost its ability to lure big stars because the brand is the star under the new deal with “The Worldwide Leader in Sports.” Some former fighters are calling it “insane” that promotion president, Dana White, would eliminate the superstar era.

After watching golden-age videos like this, it just made me feel kinda sad.

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