This promo convinced me Aleister Black & Ricochet should be a tag team

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The team of recent NXT don’t-call-them-call-ups Aleister Black & Ricochet that WWE started pushing on Raw last Monday is an odd one. They’ve both been fan favorites throughout their careers, but that’s pretty much where the similarities between them end. In terms of character, wrestling style, previous storylines… they’re pretty much as different as two babyfaces can be. If they have something in common, it’s that they both were loners.

So pairing Black & Ricochet up seemed like a peak “just cause” idea from WWE creative. I appreciated the black-and-yellow brand explaining they’d united to fight a common enemy in Undisputed ERA, but I still wasn’t enthused.

Then I saw this promo. No, not the one where Black does the “We Are N-X-T” gimmick and puts over Velveteen Dream and makes fun of Dominik Dijakovic’s name. This one for WWE’s Dutch web channels:

Give me Aleister passionately proclaiming how unstoppable they are as unit in his native tongue while Ricochet tries to figure out what to do with his hands forever.

Now that I’m on board, I pretty much expect Black to turn on the One And Only to start a feud, but I’ll try to be optimistic. Maybe the main roster production team will figure out how to shoot Aleister’s entrance? Or the announcers will stop pushing the Stoic Satanist as come kind of alternative Dusty Rhodes?

Houd de hoop levend.

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