“…they’ve compared multiculturalism to a cancer epidemic.”

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In a recent interview, David Starr went into greater detail on his ongoing issues with the Sinclair Broadcasting Group and Ring Of Honor management.

David Starr is an American, Jewish wrestler who is well known for his confident, outspoken criticism of companies that he has either worked for or been connected with.

Over the years, this has landed him in significant hot water. He has made headlines even today due to his decision to stamp on the WWE UK Championship during a match with WALTER.

Most recently, that criticism has landed at the door of former employer Ring Of Honor.

Earlier this year, Starr posted a video in which he accused the Sinclair Broadcasting Group of antisemitism, stating at the time:

“Did you think it was some kind of cute publicity stunt to let the little Jew boy get a flight to Israel to wrestle for your championship?”

This was in an effort to promote an upcoming Ring Of Honor title match against Jay Lethal in Israel. It would later be taken down under what Starr has said was an instruction from the Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

The match would eventually become a non title bout due to Matt Taven winning the title from Jay Lethal beforehand. It would later be reported by the UK’s Jewish Telegraph that the title had been intentionally moved away from Jay Lethal, so as to prevent David Starr having a title opportunity in Israel.

In a recent interview with Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet’s Steven Wilson, Starr went into greater detail on his issues with the Sinclair Broadcasting Group and what transpired after the release of that promo.

”Sinclair Broadcasting got really upset that I put this promo out on my own and they demanded that it could be taken down. They implied that they would pull Jay from the show.

“Then they said on their website that no matter who the champion was that the Ring of Honor title would be defended at the show, first time in Israel. They tried to make a good publicity off of having defended as a Jewish kid in Israel.

“They thought it would be cute and you know, it is what it is. Now. I have no respect for Ring of Honor’s upper management. I’m not talking about the people that book a show, I’m not talking about any of the wrestlers, I’m talking about the people that get paid directly by Sinclair Broadcasting Group which helps to perpetuate narratives that immigrants are less than that and what they advocated for putting children in cages and separating families, they’ve compared multiculturalism to a cancer epidemic. 

“Yeah no I have no respect for anyone who is directly working for them and upper management.”

In the same interview, David Starr would also reference reports from Dave Meltzer that several independent wrestlers, including Starr, were upset with Session Moth Martina for having an NXT UK tryout.

“I wasn’t upset with. Martina at all, and I’m not upset with Martina. 

“Her and I still talk a bunch and there’s this, for whatever reason, feeling that there was like some heat coming from our end or from. There were some fans that were idiots.

“I can’t speak for anyone else but I can speak for me.”

Starr is a vocal supporter of the rights of independent wrestlers, particularly well known for the t-shirt line which promotes the wearer as a member of the independent wrestling scene. Martina had been pictured wearing one of these t-shirts previous to her tryout.

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This one doesn’t seem as though it’s going to go quiet any time soon, with Starr known for being outspoken and issues clearly still ongoing behind the scenes. We’ll try to keep you updated as things develop.

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