The Weekly Grind: Eddie Alvarez hold pads for Shaq, McGregor gets float parade at Maltese Carnival

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The life of a professional fighter isn’t all glitz and glamour.

As if getting punched, kicked, kneed, choked and twisted into a pretzel on a regular basis isn’t enough, fighters attract a general wackiness that makes their lives, well…interesting.

To commemorate these day-to-day hardships, slip-ups, pranks, and more, we bring you, “The Weekly Grind.”

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“T-Ferg Effect” It takes lots of Effort x Consistency, but i’m Confident I can do this. I came up with this Equation during my recovery from drastic knee surgery “Effort x Consistency = Confidence”-Tony Ferguson. I Used No Physical Therapy because my background is in sports medicine & I listen to my Doctors. I also felt I was spending too much time at physical therapy clinics & it took away from my family time (Shoutout to my old therapist @ocfightdocs they never want anything from me except to be better thanks fam Champ Shit Only). My own experience comes from over a handful of surgeries & recoveries. I accomplished my goal, but EVERYONE wanted my trade secrets on how I did it & left me w/ nothing except for scars to remind me how real it can be. You’re fucking Welcome, greedy bastards On a good note, I listened to my mind, body, spirit & kept the Faith & prayed daily, still do. My Wife, Son & Crew & Sponsors really helped me during the process to get better, so I say Amen & Thank You. I don’t recommend doing what I do, so don’t. It’s easy to point a finger when you should be looking in the mirror, but that’s not my cup of tea, so I won’t go there. Good thoughts,.. Excuse me for my language, manners. I Love you all & Keep it up Crew you are doin’ Amazing Time to get that mind right, keep training for life Sports Medicine #NationalAthleticTrainingMonth #snapintuit w/ SnapJitsu™️ Man Shit.

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