The Usos have re-signed with WWE, according to report

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Jimmy & Jey Uso are SmackDown Tag champs and were just booked for a WrestleMania title defense this weekend. Their current WWE contracts are also set to expire in the next few weeks, and there have been rumors the company was concerned they might leave to pursue other options – like a lucrative AEW deal.

It’s the kind of situation which could have added some real suspense to the kayfabe drama on April 7. But based on a report this morning from PWInsider, we can now all focus on the fictional elements, because multiple sources told that site the Usos have agreed to a new deal with WWE. No word on length or terms, but the twins’ new contract is said to have been signed “several weeks back”.

Doe that make it more or less likely the blue belts will stay on lock at the Uso penitentiary? We’ll see. In the meantime, we’re grateful Rikishi’s boys got rewarded for the great work they routinely turn in on Tuesday nights.

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