The Ultimate Fighter 28 Episode 11 Recap: Heavyweight Final Set

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The Ultimate Fighter 28 Episode 11 Recap: Heavyweight Final Set

The 11th episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavy Hitters featured the only real grudge match of the season between Team Gastelum’s Maurice Greene and Team Whittaker’s Juan Francisco Dieppa. After several verbal altercations throughout the season the two finally got to settle their difference inside the Octagon.

The Fight: Maurice Greene vs. Juan Francisco Dieppa

Greene came to using his jab to keep Dieppa on the outside.  Dieppa moved side to side as Greene inched forward.  Greene switched stances and Dieppa unloaded an overhand right that connected.  He followed up with a left hook that sent Greene crashing to the canvas.  Dieppa pounced and delivered a series of right hands and hammer fists.  Greene worked his way back to his feet but couldn’t escape the grasp of Dieppa.  Dieppa powered the bigger Greene back to the ground.  He advanced to the mount position and Greene rolled giving up his back.  Dieppa locked on a rear-naked choke forcing Greene to tap out.   

“I had a few different game plans going into this fight, it really depended on Maurice and his strategy as the fight started. I wanted to get him to the ground, so I went in to get him down and I knew that was my best strategy. I saw him make a move to get up and I just tried to work him without exerting too much energy. This entire experience was incredible, one of the best of my life,” said Dieppa after advancing to the finals.

“My plan going in was to keep my distance, as I thought he was going to try and bait me against the cage. But he stood right in there with me and he just got me with that big overhand right. I remember getting hit with the shot and then I just remember him on top of me and it was over. It was very unexpected,” said Greene after the loss.  “This experience was awesome but I am disappointed that I didn’t perform how I wanted to. It was his time to shine now and he had the better game plan so hats off to him.”

“Juan executed the game plan perfectly. We wanted him circling away from Maurice’s power hand. And after working a few faints he was able to land a big overhand and control him on the ground. I couldn’t have asked for a better result,” said Coach Robert Whittaker after having his first fighter advance to the finals.  

The heavyweight finals are set with Team Gastelum’s Justin Frazier facing Dieppa at the finale on Nov. 30 in Las Vegas. 

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