The one thing you need to know about The IIconics

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It was a very good night for the SmackDown digital exclusives department.

Not only did they give us this USDA Prime choice cut of Otis & Tucky, they also… well, with Women’s Tag Team champions The IIconics, you pretty much just have to turn the camera on and try not to laugh at whatever ridiculousness Billie Kay comes up with. By the end of this interview about why Peyton Royce lost to Kairi Sane on the April 23 episode of the blue show, not even Royce can keep from breaking.

Maybe she should do journalism like everyone else around there.

They may not be Paige’s Avengers team (who the champs would like to see “dissemble”) in the ring, but the Aussies are outstanding all around performers. I’m getting serious Edge & Christian vibes, and coming from a man who unironically counts his TNA Christian Cage merch as among his most prized possessions, know that this is high praise indeed.

Come for the excuse which ties into last week’s excuse, stay for the one thing you need to know about The IIconics.

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