The NXT name changes just keep on coming

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We thought the NXT name changes were done for a while when most of the last batch was announced for a Breakout Tournament that will start next Wednesday (June 26) on the brand’s weekly WWE Network show.

But no! They just keep happening!

If these guys are going to get a TV push with their new name, it won’t start until after TakeOver: Toronto 2, since NXT doesn’t tape again until Aug. 15. But we love a good renaming, so we can’t wait until then to celebrate.

Still a little dubious that this first one is official. It hasn’t been changed on the Performance Center’s roster page, and it’s not like a gamer and anime fan who’s an UpUpDownDown regular with his own Twitch channel couldn’t be changing his Twitter handle to include a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure reference. But he has been promising it for a while. Now, according to Booker T trainee and former NFL lineman Brennan Williams, in WWE he is now…

The other one is also from someone who’s been in the WWE system for a while (Williams/Maddin signed in 2016; Dan Matha in 2015). There are signs Matha’s getting a push as part of a Robert “Robbie E” Strauss managed tag team The Outliers with Riddick Moss. They’ve been prominent on house shows, is writing about Moss, and Road Dogg recently said in an interview he’s been working with them personally at the PC. And Matha’s name has been changed on the Performance Center site:

What do you think of the latest changes? Who do you think is next?

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