The mixed tag tune-up match you ordered has arrived

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Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch & Universal champ Seth Rollins – who, I don’t know if you know this or not, are totally in love – have a Winner Takes All mixed tag match coming up on Sun., July 14 at Extreme Rules against Lacey Evans & Baron Corbin.

Now, The Man & her man have beaten Evans & Corbin one-on-one. Like repeatedly. And frequently. But they haven’t been tagging with each other all that much. Last Monday (July 1) on Raw, they had a mixed tag match against Mike & Maria Kanellis, but things got weird. In the end, Lynch got Mike to tap out to a Dis-Arm-Her, except in this case it would be a Dis-Arm-Him, I think? Also, that wouldn’t be allowed under mixed tag rules. But the Winner Takes All match also has an extreme rules stipulation, so I guess it would be legal?

Never mind all that for now. Point is, Becky & Seth need practice. And Andrade & Zelina Vega issued a challenge. So…

It’s not stated anywhere in these tweets, but the link to El Ídolo y La Muñeca’s video on says they want the match on Raw. So it looks like Rollins & Lynch vs. Andrade & Vega is happening July 8 in Newark.

You down?

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