The importance of your wrestling shows running on time

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It’s a new edition of Bitter Boys Club! Brent Brookhouse and Ethan Page sat down to do their usual talking about wrestling thing, hitting what Page has been doing both wrestling and running his Alpha-1 promotion in Canada.

Alpha-1 has been putting on bigger and bigger shows and Page recently put together a truly wild match:

Here are some text highlights from this week’s show, but you’re going to have to listen to get the info on booking Scott Steiner.

Homicide and Eddie Kingston threw off the timing of one of your recent Alpha-1 shows. Why is it so important to stay on time for an indie show?

Page: People’s attention spans die when you get to three hours. I want the guys who are going to beat the shit out of each other for 75 minutes in the main event to have a crowd that isn’t half asleep. Also, when I put it up on stream, I don’t want people to see three and a half hours and say, ‘I’m not sitting through this!’

I’m not joking, if I’m sitting with my wife and we see a movie is over two hours and it’s at night? No chance. We’ll just put a TV show on.

A few words on Stokely Hathaway.

Brookhouse: I’m of the opinion, if you told me to go through the indies and pick two or three guys you absolutely want to have to start a promotion, Stokely is in my top three.

Page: For sure!

Brookhouse: There’s so much you can do with him as a personality. And it’s becoming a little too clear that the dude can work.

Page: Best suicide dive in the biz!

On the final match with ACH as Troll Boyz

Page: It didn’t hit me until the finish because I was just out of it. I got there at the bell (due to travel issues) so we had to throw the match together super quick. It was like, I didn’t even tell Albert I wanted to do a little farewell. So I was just like, I’m going to grab the mic and give a motivational pep talk and tell him he’s going to do great (in WWE).

I’m glad we got to do it one last time especially because there was no budgeting to get him on the show, it was solely out of pocket selfish reasoning behind booking him.

Brookhouse: It’s wild because Troll Boyz is one of the most memorable things in both of your careers. It’s one of the more memorable things while also being short term.

Page: It was one of the shortest things that gets requested the most.

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