The Elite on AEW TV, touring and who they want to sign from WWE

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The initial buzz of “ALL ELITE IS COMING TO TAKE DOWN WWE” which followed the announcement Tony Khan was partnering with Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks – and, it was eventually revealed, Kenny Omega – to start a new wrestling company has died down a bit. But as we get closer to the new promotion’s first PPV, May 25’s Double Or Nothing, excitement will probably start to ramp back up.

Several of AEW’s Executive Vice-Presidents appeared at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2 to the cool kids) this past weekend to talk about their fed, and looking to stay on fans’ radar during WrestleMania season. During their panel appearance, Omega and Matt & Nick Jackson hit on a number of topics which we’ve been speculating on since All Elite’s first rally. Such as…

Kenny on television plans: “There are things that have already been put in motion [with the TV deal] that can’t be stopped, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be expanded upon, that doesn’t mean that they’re limited to that. I’m still looking at some crazy things to benefit the company and just to keep things interesting and lively. We still will welcome any cool ideas and feedback from the fan base because, really, it’s for you guys in the end.”

Nick on house shows: “We’re going to be a touring brand, not as crazy as the WWE because we all have families and I’m going to miss them. So, we’re going to definitely keep that in mind because a lot of the wrestlers in the company have families, so, we’re going to have certain dates that we’re going to have to get through. It will be a touring brand for sure.

Matt on if AEW contracts will be exclusive: “[With contracts], it will be up in the air, it will depend what type of contract their on, or under. The three of us, we probably won’t be doing anything really. We might go to China, actually. That’s a spoiler alert. But, certain wrestlers, we’re going to want them to not get ring rust, so we’re going to actually encourage them to keep doing their bookings and we want them to be ready”

Kenny on contracts: “Eventually we’re going to have a pretty full-time schedule, and I would imagine that most people, more or less, will be with us full-time. But as of right now, we do have people with not too much experience under the belt, so we’re encouraging very much so that they go out and keep the ring rust away.”

The trio even provided a few names when asked about which WWE Superstars they’d most like to nab from Vince McMahon’s organization. Both Bucks named Candice LeRae as the female they’d most like to sign. On the men’s side, Matt picked their old Bullet Club bud AJ Styles, while Nick went with Mt. Rushmore’s Kevin Owens.

Omega went with Kairi Sane and his frenemies in The New Day, but also waxed a bit on frequently discussed fantasy matches with Styles, John Cena and Seth Rollins.

And though they all worked C2E2 this weekend, and even joked around with him on Twitter about meeting up, there was no sign AEW has actually signed CM Punk.

“I wish,” said Nick, while Matt added, ”I love CM Punk. I think [it] may be better to ask him [whether or not he’s signing].”

Check out the whole panel above, and thanks to Wrestling Inc for the above quotes.

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