The best WWE returns of 2018

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We’re to the end of the year and that means looking back at any major happenings from 2018. To that end, WWE put out another Top 10 countdown, this one focusing on the best returns over the past 12 months. You’ll enjoy this one, if only because it’s a solid five minutes of fans being happy.

Past “Top Ten”/”Greatest ____” lists from WWE:

– Greatest Crowd Reactions (Part one)
– Greatest Crowd Reactions (Part two)
– Greatest babyface turns
– Greatest heel turns
– Famous Firings
– Funniest falls
– Mic botches
– Shocking returns
– Most memorable debuts
– Greatest slaps
– Most surprising championship changes
– Dramatic Royal Rumble endings
– Funniest moments
– Greatest insults
– Biggest breakups
– Fastest title changes
– Ridiculous reversals
– Finisher combinations
– Defining TakeOver moments
– Craziest kickouts
– Most creative fan chants
– Broken rings
– Shane McMahon’s Insanity
– Undertaker’s chokeslams
– Chris Jericho attacks
– WrestleMania’s Forgotten Celebs
– Stars Kicked Out of Factions
– Most Extreme WrestleMania Moments
– Ringside Invasions

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