The 5 Biggest Moments From Double Or Nothing Rally

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At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, AEW held its second rally ahead of their May 25 show, Double or Nothing. Several big moments happened during the show, so let’s take the time to rank the top five.

Wrestling fans had circled Feb. 7 on their calendar, knowing that Kenny Omega would make an announcement regarding his future in the sport. The vast majority of fans expected Omega to sign with AEW, remaining with his best friends in “The Elite”, though the promise of a huge contract with WWE couldn’t be ignored.

Of course, AEW had other important announcements to make beyond just Omega. They will be focusing on the tag team division, which is unsurprising since The Young Bucks, executives with the company, are among the greatest tag teams in recent memory. Plus, since WWE, much to The Revival’s chagrin, doesn’t seem to value tag team wrestling, this could allow AEW to further differentiate itself from the world’s largest wrestling promotion.

But above all else, AEW needed to prove to its potential fanbase that it cares more about diversity and inclusion than other promotions. At their Double or Nothing “rally”, they made a few moves that were a big step in that direction, especially when it came to bolstering their Women’s Division both for Double or Nothing and beyond.

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