Taya Valkyrie vs. Tessa Blanchard Will Be Can’t-Miss

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Impact Wrestling will have a loaded Uncaged television special next week, and the biggest match on the card just might be the Knockouts Title bout between champion Taya Valkyrie and challenger Tessa Blanchard.

There are several high-stakes storylines occurring in Impact Wrestling right now, and the Lucha Bros recent Impact Tag Team Championships victory over LAX has to be viewed as an early Match of the Year candidate for the promotion. But few programs in wrestling feel as personal as Taya Valkyrie vs. Tessa Blanchard for the Knockouts Championship; the two will write the next chapter in their story at Uncaged in a Street Fight match.

The Impact television special will occur next week at 10 p.m. ET on Twitch and the Pursuit Channel, and Blanchard vs. Valkyrie qualifies as the headlining match. Even without a stipulation, Blanchard vs. Valkyrie would be appointment television, but a Street Fight makes this match can’t-miss for wrestling fans.

Taya and Tessa have built up quite the history since their feud began, and it’s included two Pay Per View matches at Bound For Glory and Homecoming. Valkyrie pinned Blanchard at Homecoming with Gail Kim as the special guest referee, escalating a potential future “dream” rivalry between Kim and Blanchard.

For now, Blanchard’s attention is squarely placed on Taya and the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship. Though Uncaged will include a Fatal Four-Way for the Impact World Championship (Brian Cage vs. Moose vs. Killer Kross vs. Johnny Impact), Ethan Page vs. Willie Mack, and Team AAA vs. Team Impact, the Street Fight between Blanchard and Valkyrie will tell the most poignant story between two competitors willing to sacrifice everything to be the best.

A Street Fight is the perfect stipulation for two wrestlers with their history, determination, and physical strength. These two women are two of the best in the business and are at the top of their game right now, elevating the prestigious Knockouts Championship even further.

This is the television match to watch this week, and the result could easily go either way. Valkyrie has done a good job as Knockouts Champion and got the better of Blanchard at Homecoming, but it’s never wise to count out the “Undeniable”, especially in a match of this magnitude.

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Here’s to hoping for an all-out, violent match that leaves us awestruck, and it’s safe to say that this match has a great chance to own the show at Uncaged next week. I’d make every effort to catch this match.

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