Tanner Boser ready for kill-or-be-killed fight with Jared Kilkenny at Unified MMA 37

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After starting off his career fighting in his native Canada, heavyweight Tanner Boser has spent the past couple years fighting overseas in countries like Australia, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.

While fighting abroad has come with some adjustments, Boser is happy overall with the opportunity to fight around the world.

“I like experiencing other cultures,” Boser told MMAWeekly.com. “I like fighting abroad. I take pride in it. I just enjoy being able to see the world in my own capacity. I’m still signed to M-1 Global, so I’m sure I’ll be back somewhere weird in the fall.

“The travel affects you for sure. Sometimes I don’t have problems adjusting, other times it really messes up my sleep schedule. You adjust. On fight day, it’s fight day, you do what you have to do; it doesn’t matter if you had a hard time sleeping or not.”

For his second bout of 2019, Boser will be returning to Canada for the first time in nearly three years. He feels since the last time he was on his native soil he’s become a much superior fighter to the one who he was last time he fought at home.

“I’ve fought a lot of world class fighters since the last time I was in Unified MMA,” said Boser. “I’ve gotten a lot more experience, and I’ve definitely gotten better in every single aspect of MMA. People coming out to watch are going to see the best version of myself.”

On Friday in Enoch, Alberta, Canada, Boser (15-5-1) will defend his promotional championship versus Jared Kilkenny (13-10) in a heavyweight title main event of Unified MMA 37.

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“Kilkenny is an experienced fighter,” Boser said. “He has more fights than me. He’s been fighting since I was a young teenager.

“He’s quite skilled at Jiu-Jitsu, and his striking is pretty good as well. He has quite a few knockout wins and knockout losses, so he’s kind of a kill or be killed kind of guy. I expect it to be an exciting fight. Neither one of us is looking to stall out the match, so I definitely think a finish in this fight is inevitable for one of us.”

While his contract allows him to take one-off fights when his schedule permits, Boser is looking to return to his main promotion at least one more time before the end of 2019.

“I’m still signed to M-1, so whenever they need me to fight and whoever they want me to fight, that’s who I’ll fight,” said Boser. “I don’t have anyone on my radar, so I don’t know who my opponent will be, but my next fight will be for M-1 either in late summer or the fall.”

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