Take The Hint and Push Big E Without Breaking Up The New Day

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Big E  has been long over due for a push. He is the muscle of the group and it’s his time to shine, all without breaking up the New Day. The New Day have been prominent figures in the WWE for 4 years. What was once a comedy group formed in November of 2014, they have become mega stars over the course of time. The group collectively has won 5 WWE tag team championships and now Kofi Kingston has risen to the top of the singles ranks.

Kingston’s WWE Championship win at WrestleMania 35 was a top highlight. With that being said, it’s time for the WWE to recognize the popularity of the New Day and capitalize on this. Kingston will be pushed to the moon for a while, where does this leave Big E and Xavier Woods? The unit has dominated the tag team division for quite some time. As individuals, their potential have yet to be fully realized. Big E has had a near forgettable 6 month run as the Intercontinental Champion. 

Now what some wrestling fans might not know is that Big E came into the WWE with a strong pedigree.

Big E’s pre WWE and NXT days

Most wrestlers have a form of an athletic background before they broke into the wrestling business. Big E was a college football player at the University of Iowa. While he eventually stopped playing due to injuries, he also had powerlifting to fall back on. In 2011, he set national raw powerlifting records in the dead lift and overall total that were previously held by former WWE star and Hall of Famer Mark Henry. The man has unbelievable power, which made his transition into the wrestling business a relatively easy one.

Big E would debut in FCW, a developmental territory of the WWE in 2009. Known as Big E Langston, he would go on to have a lengthy stint down in Florida. FCW would later be re-branded as NXT in 2012. Yes, THAT NXT. Arguably the most exciting brand in the WWE today.

Are you aware who defeated the original NXT Champion Seth Rollins? The correct answer is Big E. Yes, Big E was the company’s second NXT Champion. He had a near 6 month stint with the NXT Championship. Looking at his resume down in FCW and NXT, it looked near automatic that Big E would be a force on WWE programming. Look at the WWE roster right now, how many former NXT Champions have become upper card talent on RAW or SmackDown Live?

Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura and Drew Mcintyre. 3 of these men have held the Universal or WWE Championship and all of them have won a championship of some sorts in their time on the main roster. Once Big E finally dropped the NXT title, he would move to RAW and become Dolph Ziggler’s bodyguard.

Big E’s WWE career before The New Day

When you debut in the WWE by attacking John Cena, you are being presented as a big deal. Kevin Owens debuted by defeating John Cena and had a good run as WWE Universal Champion. Big E would announce his arrival to the WWE Universe by interfering on Dolph Ziggler’s behalf. ‘The Shield’ had made their debuts a month earlier, so this should have been looked at on a similar plane. Big E laid waste to a 15 time World Champion in his debut!

He would eventually split off with Dolph Ziggler after being in his corner for one of the most historic Money In The Bank cash ins in WWE history. His singles career would reach his peak as WWE Intercontinental Champion. Big E and his personality weren’t being properly highlighted during his run. If you were to see some of his commentary on Twitter before he became a member of the New Day, you would wonder why he hadn’t been given a larger push?

In regards to shortening his name from Big E Langston to Big E

The New Day in its present form

We all know how just how great The New Day has been.  5 time tag team champions and the most entertaining faction in the WWE over their time as a group. They have been taken serious as a group for a long time, now it’s time for them as individuals to get their just due. Unlike ‘The Shield’, you don’t have to break them up for the New Day to be successful as solo acts.

Big E was interviewed on ‘The Gorilla Position Podcast’. There were rumblings of Xavier Woods and Big E turning on Kofi Kingston. Either costing him the WWE Title or after he won the championship. Why does this need to take place? The group has formed such an incredible bond over time and the support shown by Big E and Woods for Kofi Kingston were mimicked by the wrestling World. The brotherhood that these men have shown are on display every week on television and throughout all of the social media platforms. There does not appear to a credible reason for splitting up the solidarity that this trio possesses. Especially after one of the largest positive responses to a WWE Championship win this decade.

Money In The Bank will be upon us on May 19th. There are a lot of potential men that can stake their claim to a spot in that match. Why not Big E? The list of accolades I have mentioned in this article warrant him being a deserving contender to any major championship. He also brings an incredible charisma to go along with the power and surprising agility that impresses us on a weekly basis. I mean, have you seen him do the splits on back to back episodes of RAW and SmackDown Live?

Let’s fantasy book here.

Big E enters the SmackDown Live Money in the Bank Ladder Match. He outlasts five other competitors to grab the brief case and secure a WWE Championship match in the future. He and Xavier Woods are at ringside for all of Kofi Kingston’s title defense. Big E stands guard watching patiently as his friend racks up victory after victory.  As the months go by, Big E and Kofi continue to go on winning streaks. You could even tease a small bit of harmless ribbing or dysfunction between the two New Day members.

Finally at SummerSlam, Kofi Kingston goes on to lose his WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre. The two men waged a war and both are exhausted after McIntyre hits Kingston with ‘The Claymore’ kick to become WWE Champion. Kofi in an uncharacteristic manner, hits the S.O.S. in anger of losing his title.  Cue the New Day’s music. Big E runs down the ramp with the briefcase! The ref calls for the bell, Kofi runs outside. Big E hits the ‘Big Ending’ on McIntyre’s already limp body. 1-2-3! The title stays in the New Day faction, this time its Big E who wins his first WWE heavyweight championship as the rest of the group joins in the celebration. Can you picture the pop of the crowd in Toronto?

For almost seven years, Big E has been an imposing figure on the WWE roster. Even with his humorous tendencies, he still displays a mean streak and provides the much-needed muscle in the New Day faction.

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The group has officially reached the height of its popularity. They are consistently at the top of the company in merchandise sales and now a member sits at the top of the mountain on SmackDown Live. There is more than enough room for one member to receive a titanic push. We don’t need WWE management to split the group up in order to make this happen. All you need to do is bring a little power of positivity to the situation. I urge you to give Big E a push that will keep The New Day flourishing and establish their dominance in the WWE for many more years to come.

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