Suspended Becky Lynch shows up to SmackDown

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Charlotte Flair was on fire until Becky Lynch walked through the crowd.

Flair’s SmackDown opening promo hit on all the right notes, but then The Man showed up and erased all of it.

24 hours after Lynch was suspended by WWE, the winner of 2019 women’s Royal Rumble was back inside a WWE ring. Before Lynch and Flair could renew their rivalry, the music for Triple H hit and order was about to be enforced.

Triple H quickly gave Flair the boot and then verbally had it out with Lynch. The crowd turned on The Game and hitched their fandom to The Man. As soon as the fans showed their support for Lynch, Triple H turned on both the crowd as well as Lynch.

Sure Lynch brought up her beatdown of Stephanie McMahon on Monday night Raw, but The Game dropped a bomb on her in his response while attempting to teardown her entire Man persona.

Triple H called into question Lynch’s knee injury and pointed out that maybe the pressure had gotten to The Man, and maybe she was looking for a way out.

This heel version of the corporate Game was the perfect foil for Lynch. Instead of using her words, Lynch’s response was to slap the taste out of his mouth.

Rebuttal delivered.

WWE is dipping back into the ‘Authority/Corporation versus wrestler’ well once again.

Did the Becky Lynch versus Ronda Rousey feud need a pinch of McMahon added to it?

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