“Street Fight” Ends With One Guy Being Von Flue Choked To Sleep

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We’ve seen jiu-jitsu end a lot of street fights effectively, with many untrained people giving up once they realize they’re about to get put to sleep or have a limb broken.

This video shows such a situation, but in this case, the guy on the bottom does end up going to sleep after his opponent applies a Von Flue choke. Details on the situation are sparse, so we’re not sure if this was an actual fight or just a couple of friends who wanted to see whose grappling was better, but either way, it serves as a good reminder to tap before you nap.

You think this guy has James Clingerman’s DVD? We don’t condone street fights, but the man showed good restraint after his opponent was unconscious.

Posted by The Fight Hub on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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