Stop Getting Your Head Sliced Off In Closed Guard

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Once a guillotine choke from closed guard is sunk in, it can be hard to escape. Newer practitioners and MMA fighters in particular often fall victim to this popular choke, and while your best bet of not getting submitted by it is (obviously) not to end up there in the first place, there are also ways to escape it if you do get caught.

In this video, Alec Baulding demonstrates how to defend against both the “regular” and arm-in guillotine choke from closed guard. Take a look and never let this submission stop you again!

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Averi is the managing editor for the Jiu-Jitsu Times. She’s a purple belt under Andre Oliveira of Pura Vida BJJ in Costa Rica and an ambassador for Grapple Apparel. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @bjjaveri.

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