Stone Cold shouts out Kevin Owens for stunning Shane McMahon

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Kevin Owens had himself a night. It looks like KO will get his wish to play a babyface in WWE, or at least not-a-heel. He continued the latest evolution of his character on the July 9 SmackDown by channeling a couple of the business’ more successful anti-hero types.

First he got to cut a pipebomb-esque promo. Then he stunned his boss.

CM Punk didn’t say anything, possibly because Owens knocked the notion of anyone calling themselves “The Best in the World” as Shane McMahon does. But the folks KO listed as being more deserving of television time than Shane did comment:

Kev’s a regular voice of the voiceless, eh?

And when it came to his show-closing stunner on McMahon, the Big Dog chimed in with his support of Owens keeping The Money from further interfering in his match – and contributing to Shane’s bad week…

While the master himself seemed to give his blessing:

Hell yeah.

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