Spence vs Garcia live streaming results, full fight coverage

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Two of boxing’s pound-for-pound strongest talents are set to duke it out TONIGHT (Sat., March 16, 2019) inside AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, as Mikey Garcia jumps up two weight classes to meet fellow undefeated champion Errol Spence Jr.

MMAmania.com will deliver LIVE coverage of the FOX pay-per-view (PPV) main event below, including real-time round-by-round, blow-by-blow updates (the four-fight FOX PPV begins at 9 p.m. ET, with Spence Jr. vs. Garcia starting around midnight).

Spence, who represented the United States in the 2012 Olympics, has been an unstoppable force as a professional, knocking out his last 10 opponents in generally dominant fashion. Garcia, meanwhile, has been similarly effective in the lower weight classes, winning titles at 126, 130, 135 and 140 pounds. The undercard includes the return of Super Middleweight standout David Benavidez against J’Leon Love, controversial bantamweight knockout artist Luis Nery taking on McJoe Arroyo, and Heavyweight Chris Arreola attempting to continue his comeback against undefeated Jean Pierre Augustin.

‘Spence Jr. vs. Garcia’ Quick Results:

Welterweight: IBF Champion Errol Spence Jr. vs. Mikey Garcia
Super Middleweight: David Benavidez def. J’Leon Love by TKO at 1:14 of Round Two
Bantamweight: Luis Nery def. McJoe Arroyo by RTD at 3:00 of Round Four
Heavyweight: Chris Arreola def. Jean Pierre Augustin by TKO at 2:03 of Round Three

Welterweight Championship: Errol Spence Jr. vs. Mikey Garcia

Round one: Spence comes out jabbing. 1-2 downstairs. Tentative start, not surprising. One minute in. Spence looks for a body shot, the busier of the two with his jab. 1-2 connects. Garcia tries to pursue with his jab. One minute to go. Spence to the body. 10-9 Spence.

Round two: Another slow start. Spence picking away with the jab. One minute in. Neither landing clean, but Spence the busier. Both falling short with most of their shots. Garcia with a 1-2, Spence with a left downstairs. One minute to go. Counter hook from Garcia. Looking for combinations. Left hook downstairs. Spence to the body. 10-9, 20-18 Spence.

Round three: This is just a sparring session so far. Spence with a left downstairs. Another a minute in. 1-2 upstairs. Another left to the body. Garcia with a pair of lead rights, eats a looping left from Spence. One minute to go. Good exchange in the center. 1-2 from Spence. Body shot. Jab exchanges. Spence lead left, Garcia with a right downstairs. 10-9, 30-27 Spence.

Round four: Spence pumping his jab. Clean straight left. More lefts. One minute in. Garcia lands a left hook, eats a body shot and lands a right straight. Garcia to the body, right hand upstairs. Good trade inside. Looping left by Spence. Good shots with a minute to go. More hard left hands upstairs. Spence opening up, lands to the body. Garcia looks for a combo before the bell. 10-9, 40-36 Spence.

Round five: Garcia comes out aggressively, forcing Spence back. Body shot lands, right hook behind it. Spence goes low-high, lands a 1-2. One minute in. Another left by Spence, who whiffs on a bigger one. Spence firing his jab, left hand behind it. Looping left, straight to the body. Lead left with a minute to go. Spence has control of range and pace again. Garcia with a right hook inside as Spence goes to the body. 10-9, 50-45 Spence.

Round six: Garcia is just at the mercy of Spence’s jab. Body shot and lead right land for him though. More jabs and a pair of body shots from Spence. Heavy left upstairs. He’s opening up a minute in. Jabs and straight lefts piling up. Brutal right hook. Garcia backs him to the ropes and comes back with a combination. One minute to go. Hard body shots from Spence. Garcia’s still game, just outgunned. 10-9, 60-54 Spence.

Round seven: It continues. Spence piling up jabs and body shots. One minute in. Good left hand downstairs. Garcia with a glancing counter left. Good right hook after taking a bunch of lefts from Spence. One minute to go. More jabs from Spence. Overhand left. Nice counter while in the corner. 10-9, 70-63 Spence.

Round eight: More jabs and straight lefts. They trade in the center. Both land well. Spence warned for a low blow. More jabs. Hard combination upstairs a minute in. Straight lefts. Garcia with a hook downstairs. Spence answers in kind. Combination upstairs. Jabs piling up, lead left. One minute to go. They trade body blows. Garcia opens up inside. Spence knocks him back with jabs, a straight left, uppercut. Cracking left at the 10-second mark. 10-9, 80-72 Spence.

Round nine: Spence’s jab owns this fight. Right hook on the ropes, body shot, left upstairs. Combination inside. Spence chewing him up. One minute in. Spence backs him to the corner, lands combinations. Nasty blows to the head and body. Garcia throwing back, outgunned. Spence throwing to finish. One minute to go. Garcia retreating, continuing to take shots. Right hand lands for him. He tries a combination. 10-9, 90-81 Spence.

Round ten:

Round eleven:

Round twelve:

Final result:

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