Some tweets from Sasha Banks (and one from Bayley) for you to interpret

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Finally! The Boss has returned to … Twitter!

After a week of speculation based on backstage rumors and connecting the dots between things like on-screen storylines, old posts & other people’s Instagrams, Sasha Banks dropped a couple tweets for a thirsty audience of stans, haters and interested observers to lap up. And who are we to disappoint?

Sounds to me like she’s staying. And will appear on all WWE’s brands, including a pair of indie partners with prominent streaming presences? And that’s what she wanted all along, I think? Maybe the whole “possibly quitting after losing the Women’s Tag Titles at WrestleMania 35” was a work to set it up, even? Or she did threaten to walk for real in order to get that approved even though the Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection are no longer champs, and that shoot will now be retrofitted as part of the storyline?

Pretty sure we’re marks who can kiss her ass, though. That much seems clear.

I prefer Bayley’s approach, myself:

But I’ve always been a mark for the Four Horsecreatures of the Pride Lands.

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