Some thoughts and concerns about Chad Gable’s brand new haircut

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Chad Gable is out here with that breakup haircut.

This week while working a WWE house show in Paris, France, Gable quietly debuted a new haircut. Dumped by Jason Jordan, Ditched by Shelton Benjamin. Forgotten by Bob Roode, this path to a new hairstyle is clearly where Gable has been headed for years.

Brace yourself, and check out the photo gallery from The results, may shock you.



Oh my.

That’s a haircut you can set your watch to.

It doesn’t move.

Gable is going with a shorter hairstyle and he’s still not bringing back the singlet? Shame.

For some reason the Brady Bunch/too cheap to pay so you cut your own hair, style Gable is sporting just screams heel.

Still avoiding being shipped off to 205 Live, maybe this new hairdo and finally feuding with a mustached Bob Roode will pump some new life into Gable’s character?

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