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Sneaky Single Leg with Bekzod Abdurakhmonov


Wrestling and BJJ go hand in hand, and there is much that transcends between the two arts.

Although the goals of each sport are different, wrestling and BJJ share quite a bit, especially when it comes to take downs, top pressure, strong base, and superior positioning. I feel that the best thing you can possibly have in your arsenal as a beginner BJJ student is basic wrestling.

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It teaches us a great deal about the takedown game, shows us proper footwork, and how to use leverage to move another human being. Having a good single leg or double leg takedown for example, can make all the difference in a BJJ match. Often times a takedown may be the only thing that occurs in an entire match, and if it was you that executed it, it secured you the win.

Take a look at this awesome single leg, demonstrated by Bekzod Abdurakhmonov. He uses sound mechanics and some tricky bait to secure a tight hold on his partner’s leg and execute the take down.

When I first saw the title of the video, I assumed that Abdurakhmonov would be the one wielding the two on one grip, but I was surprised to see that his partner was actually the one employing the grip set. With his arm encapsulated in the two on one, Abdurakhmonov pulls his elbow backward, causing his partner’s arms to move out of his path. He’s now created space for his own body.

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As he does this, he takes a long step across the front of his partner and rotates now facing the opposite direction he started in. He’s now in position to pick up the single leg.

This is a really nice set up for the single leg from a position where your opponent may have been feeling he had an offensive advantage. Give it a shot!

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