SmackDown Gets The (Anti) Hero They Need

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WWE SmackDown Live has a lot of regrouping to do after a tremendous loss for the blue brand at Survivor Series? Is Charlotte Flair on the verge of a breakdown? How will Shane McMahon respond to the loss? Will SmackDown finally get the hero they need in a sea of heels?

Well… I’m sure we all know what happened at Survivor Series by now, right? If you didn’t watch, you definitely heard – WWE SmackDown Live got the absolute crap kicked out of them last night, with Team Raw sweeping them on the main card.

SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon, who was Team SmackDown’s number one fan throughout the build to Survivor Series, will probably be either, a.) horribly pissed off, b.) terribly upset, or c.) all of the above. What will the commissioner’s address be like when Team SmackDown gathers on Tuesday night?

Survivor Series also showed us a side of Charlotte Flair we haven’t seen in quite a while now. Charlotte unceremoniously beat the living daylights out of Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey with a kendo stick, causing her to DQ their match. Afterwards, Charlotte inflicted even more damage to the already battered Rousey. What does this mean for Charlotte going forward?

Daniel Bryan is also a full-fledged heel now, making the scales way too heavy on the heel side then on the face side. Will a hero finally step forward to bring integrity back to the ranks of the blue brand?

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