Should Rich Swann Join Ohio Versus Everything?

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In recent weeks on Impact Wrestling, we’ve seen Sami Callihan urge Rich Swann to “come home” and join Callihan’s faction Ohio Versus Everything. Swann hasn’t been able to give a real answer to the offer just yet, but is it one the X-Division Champion should accept?

While there seems to be an unspoken history between Rich Swann and Sami Callihan, it didn’t come to the forefront until an episode of Impact back in December. In a qualifying match for Ultimate X at Impact Wrestling Homecoming, Swann took on oVe’s own Dave Crist. Swann picked up the win, but things really took a turn after the match.

Dave and Jake Crist initially began to attack Swann after the match, ganging up on him with a two-man assault. To the surprise of just about everyone watching, Sami Callihan quickly intervened and stopped them from attacking Swann. As the crowd and commentary tried to process why Callihan would do this, Willie Mack made his way to the ring.

When Mack arrived, he immediately took it to the Crist brothers and took down Callihan with a Stunner. When Mack tried to continue the beatdown on Callihan, it was then Rich Swann who stepped in to break things up. With Swann and Callihan trying to maintain the peace, it only gave us more questions than answers.

When Willie Mack later pressed Swann about the decision, Swann simply insisted that a war with oVe wasn’t a good idea. Mack continued his fight with Sami at Homecoming and in a rematch the week later, but unanswered questions remain about the connection between Swann and Callihan.

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen Swann approached by oVe and handed one of their shirts, seemingly an invite to join the group. This week, we even saw Sami imploring Swann to “come home” by siding with them. Each time things have been interrupted before Swann gave a definitive answer, but those interruptions can’t last forever.

While the exact details of the history between X-Division Champion Rich Swann and oVe leader Sami Callihan have remained unspoken, the pros and cons of Swann’s options seem clear. If Rich Swann refuses to join oVe, it could trigger an all-out war with Callihan and company.

While on the surface such a rivalry could have some major complications for Swann, and potentially Willie Mack by proxy, Sami Callihan has been a part of Impact Wrestling’s most compelling rivalries throughout the last year. A heated clash between Swann and Callihan would be no different.

On the other hand, Rich Swann has the option of “coming home” and joining oVe. While Callihan’s antics and attitude over the last year have rubbed some people the wrong way, there’s the success they brought him. Callihan ended 2018 as Impact Wrestling’s Wrestler of the Year but also won Match of the Year and Moment of the Year.

Bad attitude or not, Swann would be joining forces with one of the most compelling and powerful factions in Impact Wrestling. Not only would Swann gain the intrigue of being part of that group, but he would have backup helping him stay X-Division Champion.

With Swann in oVe, the faction could truly take over Impact Wrestling. Throughout the next year, they could go as far as capturing almost every title in the company. While they’ve struggled as of late, Dave and Jake Christ are perfectly capable of becoming tag team champions once again.

With Rich Swann keeping the X-Division locked down, that could leave Sami Callihan to wedge his way into Impact’s cramped World Championship scene. None of this would happen overnight, but the amount of talent condensed into one group would absolutely make it possible in 2019.

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Rich Swann might be hesitant to be a part of a group with a reputation like Ohio Versus Everything, and there’s no doubt Willie Mack will advise him against it. Despite that, it would be the right move for the current X-Division Champion. With oVe supporting him, Rich Swann could keep a stranglehold on the X-Division as long as he wants to.

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