Shakur Stevenson in Violent Brawl, Video Now Surfaces

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A video has surfaced, which shows Olympic silver medal winner and rising superstar Shakur Stevenson involved in a brawl at a Miami Beach parking garage.

Stevenson was arrested on July 1 of last year and charged with misdemeanor battery.

The case is still ongoing with the last court date listed of March 11. There are three counts of misdemeanor battery and one count of felony battery being pursued by the prosecutor. A trial hearing is scheduled for June 10.

According to the police report obtained by Miami 10 in Florida, Stevenson and another boxer, David Grayton, made comments to a group of people in the garage, including two women to whom they allegedly directed sexual innuendo, which sparked the fight.

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Police said paramedics treated a man and a woman at the scene for cuts and bruises.

Stevenson and Grayton fled the scene before officers arrived, the report said. The two were arrested a short time later at their hotel, the report said.

Stevenson had a cut on his lip and Grayton had cuts on his knuckles, the report said.

Stevenson was celebrating his 21st birthday with friends on South Beach.

The video was first published by the website

Stevenson is set to fight former world title challenger Christopher “Pitufo” Diaz on April 20 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, as part of the undercard to the Terence Crawoford vs. Amir Khan ESPN Pay-Per-View.

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