Seth Rollins’ girlfriend helps him retain Universal championship

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After a long night of waiting, WWE closed its Stomping Grounds pay-per-view (PPV) at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington with Seth Rollins defending his Universal championship against Baron Corbin. That meant we would finally learn the identity of the MYSTERY REFEREE.


WWE has pushed hard in recent weeks that Rollins is dating current Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, acknowledging the relationship on screen as part of its storylines. This was the natural extension of that. It makes the most sense, too, considering Evans has every reason to want to screw Rollins over while being one of the few folks he wouldn’t take a chair to like previous candidates.

The crowd did not agree, however, chanting “this is stupid” while mixing in chants for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. When they chanted “boring,” Michael Cole tried to say they were just “all over Baron Corbin” while Corey Graves made sure to note their opinion is invalid.

Truer words have never been spoken.

It didn’t help that the entirety of the match to that point was Corbin beating Rollins up in slow, methodical fashion.

Rollins made his comeback, though, and the first pinfall he attempted saw Lacey count so slow Corbin easily kicked out. Not long after, when it was clear Corbin was about to be counted out, she changed the match to “no count outs.” Later still, she stopped a count at two because her shoulder cramped. When Corbin got a chair and put it to Rollins, Evans made it a No Disqualification match.

Next, instead of counting slow, Lacey simply didn’t count at all. “This is a farce,” Cole exclaimed. “This is ridiculous. This is an embarrassment.” Evans followed this up by slapping Seth in the face. Then she did it again, then hit him with a low blow that Corbin followed up by hitting End of Days. Before any count could happen on a pinfall attempt, Becky Lynch ran in and put the boots to Evans.

So we got a new official: John Cone, the man Baron blamed for his loss at Super ShowDown.

Naturally, Rollins hit the Stomp and Cone hit the three count to give Seth the win.

Rollins and Lynch celebrated together in the ring after, much to the delight of the live audience. She even slapped his ass!


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