Seth Rollins Burns Down 2018 With An Edge

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The Dec. 31 edition of WWE Raw was an overall stellar way to close out 2018 and head into 2019 with the red brand gradually trending in the right direction.

The final WWE Raw of 2018 was one of the better shows for the red brand in recent memory with several important moments along the way, heading into 2019 on an upward trajectory.

2018 wasn’t the best year for Monday nights, to put it mildly, but with the recent focus being put on change, expectations should be much higher in 2019.  With that being said, let’s take a look at five key takeaways from the Dec. 31 edition of WWE Raw.

5. Elias Is Better As A Babyface Than He Ever Was As A Heel

One of the most popular superstars in the WWE over the past year has to be considered Elias.  He might be the best superstar the WWE has in terms of controlling the crowd, but that crowd control prowess has gotten to another level since he went away from his villainous side.

Elias was gaining plenty of ground as a heel with every crowd he performs in front of completely bought in, but since he has turned babyface in recent months, his popularity has gotten even better.  Last night was a great indicator of that when Elias had plenty to say to the former acting GM of Raw turned disgruntled employee, Baron Corbin.

Corbin was complaining about losing the fresh start battle royal that just ended, but Elias wasn’t going to listen to it and he quickly interrupted Corbin.  In typical Elias fashion, he had a nice little jingle regarding Corbin and it didn’t sit well with him.  The two began to brawl with it carrying over into the crowd, but Elias would control things after the initial stages to the point where Corbin tried to run from him.

However, Elias continued to bring the pain to Corbin and the segment ended with Elias standing tall.  The crowd was totally invested into Elias, but that has come to be the norm over the past few months.  He did plenty of good as a heel, but as a babyface, he has become even more over than he was before and he’s better as a babyface than he ever was as a heel.

Some questioned turning Elias babyface, but it has worked out tremendously to close out 2018 and head into 2019.

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