Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch may be set up for failure

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The relationship between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch seems to be more important than their title reigns at the moment, but could this lack of focus be setting them up for failure?

On a recent WWE house show, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch executed an adorable re-enactment of the famous Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey iconic lift from Dirty Dancing (don’t ask how I know where it was from…and thank you, Google, for letting me know it was called a “lift”).  This received a lovely pop from the crowd as they got to see another example of Rollins and Lynch being WWE’s resident “first couple”.

This current trend of putting their relationship front-and-center for the WWE Universe might be, unfortunately, teeing up these two champions for a fall.  If Lynch and Rollins are to continue “having the time of their lives” WWE creative needs to remember that it was a pair “take no prisoners” attitudes that got them where they currently are in the company.

At the moment, the creative choice seems to be to have Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch behave in a fashion that makes one think they forgot what got them to be dual champions in the first place.  Rollins was determined to free the WWE of a shackling Brock Lesnar of a Universal Title reign that saw Zack Ryder on television more than the flagship show’s main event title.

Just two weeks ago, he was wielding a steel chair.  That viciousness was nowhere to be found on the last two episodes of Monday Night Raw, as Rollins seems to have allowed his focus to be on Lynch more than his title.  This is quite the character shift to take place within two weeks.

The rise of “The Man” has been WWE’s primary highlight of 2019, as Lynch went from being a “tea-sipping” bubbly babyface to a bonified badass willing to step on the faces of giants to become, arguably, the biggest act in all of professional wrestling.  The Becky Lynch that took over the WWE with an iron-clad fist, who verbally dismantled WWE legends Edge and John Cena on her way to supremacy, would not have been caught dead doing, for example, that “psshh” shtick she was saddled with at Raw during her backstage interview with Rollins on July 1.

Two competitors who recently climbed proverbial mountains to get to the top are about to give two midcard talents, Baron Corbin and Lacy Evans, each their third shot at the Raw Women’s and WWE Universal Championships at Extreme Rules on Sunday, July 14.  Evans and Corbin have undoubtedly made great strides with their characters during their respective feuds with the champs.

However, it is hard to believe that they should already be able to bully Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, two competitors accustomed to bleeding for title shots (quite literally in Lynch’s case), into granting them a third opportunity.  There is little reason to believe that Evans and Corbin will be leaving Extreme Rules with a “W” in the record book.  However, they may leave with a small victory in the form of exposing a clear weakness WWE creative has illogically installed in the armor of Lynch and Rollins: each other.

With Paul Heyman’s incessant allusion to Lesnar having the Money in the Bank briefcase, in addition to members of the Raw Women’s Division such as Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and Nikki Cross hungry for title shots (not to mention Ronda Rousey and the Wildcard Rule being out there), it is beginning to look like Lynch and Rollins may meet an end similar to Titanic rather than Dirty Dancing…

…only WWE creative is making it look as if they created their own iceberg.

This show of weakness may also be WWE creative planting internal feuds within the champions to give their characters more depth.  As intriguing as this idea is, it should be considered that neither Seth Rollins nor Becky Lynch have faced the stiffest of competition since winning their belts at WrestleMania (and again, Evans and Corbin have really grown in this time).

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For two people to have fought so hard for their spots only to possibly lose them soon-after due to matters of the heart would be rather contradictory to the personas that got them back to the top of WWE.  Far too much was built with the rise of both Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins to suddenly lose it all for love.  Hopefully, WWE creative is considering this going forward.

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