Sasha Banks on getting Vince McMahon agree to women’s tag team titles

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Not that we didn’t know this already, considering the various accounts of those who have worked for him through the years, but it sure sounds like a real pain having to deal with Vince McMahon as your boss.

The latest example comes via Sasha Banks, as she explained to Sky Sports the process of getting him to agree to creating women’s tag team titles:

“It felt like the whole of last year we were asking, like we would be knocking on the door of Vince’s office every week. Me and Bayley would go up to him and some weeks he’d say no and some weeks he’d say yes and then bam, it’s here. So that just proves that you should never give up on your dreams. If you’re annoying enough you can make things happen and that’s probably what happened, he just got annoyed with us. I hope he understands how important this is to us and we’re going to make it really special. That’s just Vince every week – you never know how he’s going to be. You just have to keep on trying.”

Can you imagine going to work each day with the idea that you just never know how your boss is going to be? Banks does her best to make the story sound inspiration but it’s still just a person trying to convince her boss, a mostly out of touch old man, to do something that he already should have done.

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