Sasha Banks made important gesture of respect to IIconics

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With rumblings that Sasha Banks is dissatisfied with how WWE have used her star power, some have taken the opportunity to take shots at her or insinuate that she’s treated other members of the roster poorly. A recent exchange between Sasha and The IIconics says otherwise.

Sasha Banks is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, and she sets an incredibly high standard with her work week-in and week-out. Because she’s had so many excellent matches, including Ronda Rousey’s best career match at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View earlier this year, she demands the same type of excellence from those around her. And it’s fair to question if WWE has held their end of the bargain with fully harnessing Sasha’s star power.

These concerns may be playing in Sasha’s head, and it was’s Sean Ross Sapp who reported that Banks may want to leave WWE, with the last straw appearing to happen over WrestleMania weekend. Her husband Mikaze’s post sums up plenty of the feelings and the risk involved in Banks leaving WWE, with so few seriously paying opportunities available for women in wrestling.

Due to the timing of the report and the fact that bigoted fans will target a strong, successful Black woman wanting what she has earned, people started taking shots at Sasha. This report from Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin, which was rightfully met by huge skepticism as to the intentions of the four sources referenced, didn’t help matters.

But what’s far more important than any outlandish rumor or horrible take from a troll is this gesture from Sasha Banks. She made a post on Instagram showing herself and tag team partner Bayley with The IIconics backstage, smiling in the aftermath of the IIconics win at WrestleMania 35. The win was surprising in the sense that the Boss’N’Hug lost the titles sooner than expected, but nobody was surprised to see the IIconics, an excellent and entertaining tag team who have been established for years, holding the titles.

The ridiculous narratives that Sasha Banks – and Bayley included in there – is “ungrateful” or a “problem” should be put to rest, no matter how many people try to spill five-year old “tea” (don’t trust those who don’t know the meaning or origin of the words they use). Sasha is supportive of the other women’s tag teams in WWE, and that was a big reason why she and Bayley annoyed Vince McMahon into finally introducing them.

As the great Sean Ross Sapp pointed out, Billie Kay sent Sasha heart emojis on Instagram in response to this heart-warming photo. Peyton Royce also sent blowing kiss emojis. That’s love and respect. Natalya and Naomi also shared positive, supportive emojis.

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Hopefully Sasha is able to get what she feels she’s earned in what is a difficult situation, and this photo is another reminder to be supportive before jumping to conclusions and thinking the worst. Or believing reports that sound exaggerated and purposefully damaging.

Also, best of luck to the IIconics in their reign as tag champs. These titles matter, and they’ll treat them with care, even if I’m not entirely sure the Brooklyn Belles were ever 45-0.

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