Sarah Logan should join The Viking Raiders after her unaired promo

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The new promo Sarah Logan reportedly cut during a WWE Raw commercial break would be the perfect way to make her a member of The Viking Raiders.

According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, and confirmed by numerous fans in attendance through social media as well, Sarah Logan cut a promo hyping up her viking ties during a commercial break of WWE Raw.

It’s seemingly the first step in Logan’s return to television, as the former Riott Squad member has been largely absent from weekly WWE TV since her break from Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan during the Superstar Shake-Up.

While it would certainly be nice to see The Riott Squad reunite at some point considering that the brand split is virtually dead due to the wild card rule, this new direction for Sarah Logan has the potential to elevate her even more in WWE.

Logan’s obvious connection to The Viking Raiders, both through her on-screen gimmick and off-screen marriage to Erik, would provide the perfect springboard for her to join the NXT call-ups as a third team member if it were emphasized on TV.

This recent promo, although going unaired, would be the ideal way to do just that by having Logan announce her plans to “raid” the women’s division.

If Logan were to use that promo to announce she is joining The Viking Raiders in the coming weeks, then she could immediately start on a renewed path in the women’s division.

A series of squash matches that showcased Logan’s powerful, hard-hitting moves could certainly be on the table to build her up as a destructive force in the division, much in the same way WWE is currently building The Viking Raiders in the tag team ranks.

With Nia Jax injured and Tamina Snuka currently absent from TV as well, Logan would arguably be the only one filling the dangerous and destructive superstar role that’s currently missing from the women’s division.

That could, in turn, quickly lead her to some high profile matches if WWE executed it properly. Matches that would finally highlight Logan’s talents that have gone somewhat unrecognized thus far in her time with WWE.

On the other side of this hypothetical partnership, The Viking Raiders would then have a new team member to act as a sort of x-factor in their matches and rivalries.

The benefits of that, both for Erik and Ivar along with WWE as a whole, could be immense.

Logan’s inclusion could add some much needed intrigue to The Viking Raiders that would help to wash away the memory of their awkwardly presented call-up.

It could revitalize their gimmick in a way that would help make this new run of squash matches, at least if Raw was any indication of WWE’s plans for their near future, feel like something more than been there, done that for fans.

On top of that, Logan being on The Viking Raiders would provide WWE yet another easy inroad to finally promoting inter-gender wrestling, something which many people have advocated quite some time for.

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When all those potential benefits are considered together, Sarah Logan’s unaired promo on Raw seems like it could be a stroke of genius from WWE if it’s eventually used on TV.




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