Samoa Joe starts his own vlog series & it’s fascinating

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One video into Samoa Joe’s new vlog series and we already learned so much about respecting the late check in at hotels.

Out of nowhere, Joe started his own YouTube channel under his real name Nuufolau Seanoa. The first video dropped last night and we’re already sold on Joe’s new travel chronicles.

Shot, edited, produced and starring the Samoan Submission Machine, Joe’s first video gives a great look at life on the road. In Loop, Joe travels the Carolina’s for a weekend house show run until he gets down to Jacksonville, Florida for this week’s episode of SmackDown.

This is another case of if WWE ever wanted to reboot someone’s character into a baby face fans would cheer for, Samoa Joe would be a prime candidate.

Look at that smile. Who doesn’t want to cheer for this man?

Joe living life on the road makes us want to see him have a prolonged face run on the main roster. And maybe it’s time. Joe has worked as a heel on both Raw and SmackDown but, partially due to injuries, has yet to get over the hump.

Heading into WrestleMania season, is it time to flip Joe’s character or is he just too valuable as a menacing heel right now?

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