Ryback’s planning a full-time return to pro wrestling

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Who’s ready for the return of the Big Guy? I know you are, since everybody loves the Big Guy. Ryback recently mentioned that he plans to soon be back full-time in professional wrestling.

Ryback parted ways with WWE on Aug. 8, 2016. Since then, he has made headlines with soundbites on his podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy, published a self-help book, and created silly commercials for his line of nutrition products.

If you are wondering why Ryback hasn’t been in the ring lately, it turns out that he has been taking time off to heal his back and shoulder. During a podcast chat with DDP, Ryback mentioned:

“I thought like whatever back pain I had, I thought it was just muscular and it was going to go away. It flipped the other way. I turned into a 95 year old man almost instantaneously. I couldn’t lie on the ground. I couldn’t bend over. It was a truly humbling experience. The nerves started firing down my leg. My right leg atrophied. It happened instantaneously.”

Using a backpack stunner in his arsenal of maneuvers was the main culprit, along with Cortisone shots eating away shoulder cartilage.

Specialists recommended a five disc (L1-L5) fusion and a shoulder replacement. Ryback knew going through with that course of action would likely end his wrestling career at the age of 35, so he instead decided to attempt stem cell therapy after advice from his chiropractor.

Little guys beware. After Ryback’s final stem cell procedure on Feb. 11 from bone marrow is his hip, he won’t be having any of those high spots against him.

Ryback plans to take the next few months easy to allow maximum benefits from healing before returning full-time to professional wrestling. I, for one, am excited at this news. I’m happy that he is healthy without pain, and I look forward to the Big Guy feeding us more platters of sports entertainment. Ryback rules!

Ryback isn’t just knowledgeable about health and nutrition. If you happen to own a talking Ryback toy, he has the perfect solution for when the batteries run out of juice.

Which promotion would you like to see sign Ryback? Are there any dream matches for Ryback that make you frothy in anticipation? Should Ryback adopt a Crow gimmick upon his initial appearance?

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