Rusev And Lana Are Seriously About To Rap Battle Mark Cuban

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Rusev, Lana, and The New Day are all set to appear on what should be a hilarious episode of TNT’s Drop The Mic series on March 20th.

Rusev has a gift. The man’s got comedic chops on the mic that can rival just about anyone in the WWE.

From comparing his traps to double-decker tacos to his amazing Twitter game, WWE fans are always elated when Rusev finds a chance to show off his comedy genius.

Unfortunately, those opportunities have dwindled as of late. After he broke up with Aiden English, Rusev was largely left adrift on SmackDown Live only to be paired with Shinsuke Nakamura in a thrown together attempt at adding depth to the blue brand’s tag team division.

The amazing face Rusev character we all felt in love with was gone, replaced by what’s essentially been a throwback to the bland and generic heel gimmick he debuted with.

However, never fear true Rusev Day believers. It takes more than a lame storyline to keep ‘The Lion of Bulgaria’ down.

On March 20th, we should be able to see a return to form for Rusev as he makes an appearance outside the confines of the squared circle on the TNT series “Drop The Mic.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the show, “Drop The Mic” features various celebrities attempting to take down one another in a televised rap battle. All in all, it’s a fun concept to watch play out, but’s usually fairly dependent on who’s involved in each episode.

In the past, the series has featured several WWE personalities like Chris Jericho and The Bella Twins to varying results.

With the match-ups they have set for WWE superstars this coming episode though, I have no doubt wrestling fans be in for an entertaining show.

For starters, Rusev will be appearing with Lana to take on Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban. If Rusev getting a chance to basically cut a promo on one of the most recognizable billionaires in the world isn’t already enough to get you to set your DVR, then this episode also features rap battle veterans The New Day taking on the R&B trio SWV.

I don’t think anyone has to be reminded of The New Day’s track record in rap battles, and we all know what Rusev’s capable of when given the mic, so I bet we can expect a fair share of memorable one-liners from this episode.

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At the end of the day, hopefully if The New Day hold their own and Rusev proves to be the Bulgarian B.I.G., then “Drop The Mic” might bee able to give us that Bo Rida versus Flo Rida rematch I’ve been waiting too long for.



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