Rousey scores points in Twitter fight with Lynch using cold, hard truth

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When last we checked on Ronda Rousey’s Twitter, she was calling the women of WWE “performers who act tough” that she could “beat the living s*** out of” if she wasn’t afraid of getting “sued or arrested”.

True or not, more or less calling your opponents fakes is a weird way to promote shows. But hey, maybe some people think Ronda will actually murder Bayley on Raw or something. So she could just be on some next level kayfabe that I’m not hip to.

Anyway, while that tweet is a debatable way to sell pro wrestling, Rousey’s new truth-telling approach to social media served her well in a response to her WrestleMania 35 challenger Becky Lynch over the weekend.

The Man dropped some statistics about the number of pay-per-view (PPV) singles matches she and Rowdy have had to again make the claim she’s had more of an impact with less exposure. Interesting point, but one that Ronda shut down with a fact… regardless of how much Becky’s “changed this whole damn business”, we wouldn’t be talking about a women’s match closing the show at MetLife Stadium in April if it didn’t involve someone who’s a two-time ESPN Female Athlete of the Year, UFC Hall of Famer and one of the biggest draws in combat sports history.

The tweet takes a while to get there. There’s evidence that – entrance music aside – Rousey does care about her reputation, and Lynch has taken aim at lots of targets besides Ronda.

But that last line is as much of a killer as Ronda says she is. Because it’s true.

UPDATE: Becky is very good at this, acknowledging Rousey’s point in her comeback, and proving I may have scored today’s round too early…

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