Rousey doesn’t want to hear her Bella’s ‘self righteous’ babyface act

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Love it or hate it (and Ronda Rousey’s promo on Nikki Bella from the Oct. 15 Raw had the Cageside offices debating those position this afternoon), last night’s build toward Evolution’s likely main event got people talking.

In fact, Nikki and Ronda are still talking about it. Bella fired back first with an Instagram post crafted for “the Bella Army,” and anyone else who sees her primarily as the protagonist of her own brand and not the villain she’s currently playing on Monday nights:

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A certain someone may say I knocked down a certain door. But that door was an open door that lead me to true love. A love and a bond that will always be in my heart. The words I’ll choose to remember today are Bellalution and Bella Army. Our Bella Army has taught us the power of unity, perseverance and believing in ourselves. And that’s what I have done. I have persevered and have believed in my purpose. Which has helped us create a Bellalution. Whether there is a lack of respect from @rondarousey or a certain perception @wwe and other talent have made of my sister and I, one thing we have never done is given up. Never have let the darkness take our light that we love to share and shine. We have never stopped smiling. And we have never let their hurtful words, which all are the same, stop us from living our best life of happiness, fulfilling our dreams, doing what we love to do and growing a beautiful, strong Bella Army. Ronda, your welcome, for giving you a big, beautiful open door to walk through last night in Philly, just know that it will be hitting you in the a** at Evolution.

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In addition to the alignment switching, the standout quote from this to me is the line about “a certain perception WWE and other talent have made of my sister and I”. That sounds like either Nikki is upset about the latest scripted insinuation she slept her way to the top, or is playing to fans who are.

If that’s not enough “Work, Shoot or Worked Shoot” for you, here’s Rousey’s response. She mostly sticks to the storyline (I think? Lines are getting blurred all over the place in this one. I’m not as confused as People, but I’m getting there), but then brags about carrying the Bellas through their “painfully obvious ring rust”:

If only there was a Hulk Hogan tweet that would be useful in this situation…

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