Ronda Rousey is a heel

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Ronda Rousey is a heel – Cageside Seats


  • Because she’s a hypocrite, condemning Becky Lynch on Monday Night Raw this week for being “unprofessional” by attacking an authority figure and getting suspended for it
  • Because she’s kind of dumb, considering when she did that exact thing she got a title shot at a pay-per-view out of it
  • “You need to stop showing up to hear the cheers for your weekly violin recital and instead stay home and rest up until WrestleMania so you can finally receive the beating even your moping, woe-is-me ass won’t find some new reason to lament about.”
  • Because she asks Sarah Logan if “you want to skin me like your rabbits”
  • Because she still hasn’t found gear she doesn’t need to readjust every three seconds
  • Because she’s not Becky Lynch

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