Roman Reigns reveals frightening details of his last leukemia diagnosis

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It’s still surreal to have Roman Reigns as a big part of WrestleMania season.

A little over five months ago it looked like Reigns may never step foot in the ring again. Now The Big Dog is back and by pure happenstance he has been one of WWE’s biggest feel good stories in a long time.

In an excellent interview with The Undefeated, Reigns opens up more about his battle with leukemia. Per Reigns, his doctors diagnosed him with a white blood cell count of 100,000 (a healthy adult’s normal range is between 4,000-11,000) as well as an enlarged spleen before his retirement in Oct. 2018.

“That was the immediate physical scare of having to get me out of the ring. With a ruptured spleen, it’s obviously going to be a major operation, but people can die from it. It was a situation we didn’t want to put ourselves in, no matter how hardheaded I can be.”

Reigns would go on to discuss how dealing with his illness in the public eye has presented a few new challenges he’s had to navigate.

“There’s still things I deal with on a day-to-day process. It’s still weird to meet strangers and they’re like, ‘How are you feeling?’ It’s like an immediate sympathy for me. That’s something I didn’t want, the part I don’t like, because I don’t want people to feel worried for me or feel sorry for me. It’s all coming out of a good place, but it’s one of those deals that I’m still struggling with, my health being so public and that’s the first thing people think or know about you.”

It’s woven in the DNA of pro wrestling fans to worry about things they cannot control. Good to have you back Big Dog and cheers to you having the opportunity to add another WrestleMania moment to your mantle on Apr. 7.

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