Roman Reigns is following in John Cena’s footsteps

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A couple weeks ago, we found out Roman Reigns would be appearing in Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming Fast & Furious spinoff movie, Hobbs and Shaw.

Turns out, his cousin’s flick isn’t the only acting work Reigns (real name Joe Anoa’i) has done lately. SI just reported he’ll be appearing as a guest star on the Mar. 2 episode of Nickelodeon’s Cousins For Life.

Guest work on Nick comedies was one of John Cena’s go to moves when he first started dipping his toes in non-WWE produced movies & TV. Cena played the title character’s idealized vision of his father in Fred: The Show and a couple movies in the same series. Now Roman is playing a gardening loving neighbor in an episode of Cousins For Life called “A Farewell to Arthur?”

If the above video doesn’t show up for you, you can see the clip on here.

Is Romey preparing for life after wrestling? Maybe, but the important thing is that he’s out there living while dealing with a recurrence of leukemia.

Here’s hoping this appearance on Cousins For Life means his real-life cuz The Rock is right in predicting Reigns will be healthy enough to return to WWE soon.

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