Robert Garcia: Errol Spence is Beatable, Mikey ‘Sees Something’

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Robert Garcia, the older brother and head trainer of Mikey Garcia (39-0, 30 KOs), has revealed that his brother sees a fatal flaw in the fighting style of IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence (24-0, 21 KOs).

Garcia, who owns the WBC, IBF titles at the lightweight limit of 135, is ready to jump up by two weight divisions to challenge Spence at 147-pounds.

As reported last week, a Spence vs. Garcia showdown is being targeted for a Showtime Pay-Per-View date in February.


Garcia has captured world titles in four weight divisions and never fought beyond the junior welterweight limit of 140.

He’s a massive underdog in the fight.

But, Robert Garcia indicates that there is something that his brother sees in Spence – that everyone else is missing – and that ‘something’ has made the entire team confident of pulling off a major upset. 

“Everybody knows, and I’ve always said, and so has my father, that we’ve always been against the fight. And not because Mikey doesn’t have a chance, but I think maybe it’s too soon. I think if Mikey takes his time, like other world champions have done, and does it little by little – he can be one of the all-time greats,” Robert Garcia told

“But he’s looking to this challenge. And if he’s really serious about it, because I really haven’t talked to Mikey since the announcement [for February]. He’s been in Vegas, so I haven’t seen him in the gym. I know that I’m going to support him 100% and train him to do everything possible to beat Spence.

“It won’t be easy to beat Spence, but it’s a great challenge for Mikey and Mikey likes challenges. Mikey wants to face the best out there and he wants to go in there as the underdog for the first time in his boxing career – so maybe this is the right fight for him. He knows why he’s picking this fight. He’s been calling for it for like two years. He has his reasons.

“And now that we’ve been talking about this fight, I’ve been watching more of Spence and I think he’s beatable. I think Mikey can do it. It’s going to be a very close fight, but Mikey has a shot. We’ve talked about it… with me, my dad, my son, and there is something that we see. We’re not going to tell you guys, but there is something that we see in watching the fights. And hopefully after the fight, if it happens, Mikey can tell you what he saw and why exactly he picked this fight two years ago.”

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