Ricky Hatton Holds Nose at Mayweather-Nasukawa Bout

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By David Rivers, courtesy of The Daily Star

FLOYD Mayweather has been accused of not “giving a s***” about fans for fighting a kickboxer on New Year’s Eve by British boxing legend Ricky Hatton.
Hatton, 40, said he’d rather spend the night “doing my hair” than watching the undefeated American, 41, take on Japanese kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa, 20, in an exhibition bout.

Mayweather – who beat Hatton in 2007 with a 10th round TKO – will fight Nasukawa in three three-minute rounds at 147 pounds under boxing rules.

But it won’t count on their records and there will be no judges.


And although Mayweather stands to make millions, Hatton says the 50-0 supremo is cashing in on his overall reputation.

The popular Mancunian told Daily Star Online: “It’s not all about money, it’s very high on all of our priorities and there’s no point in saying it isn’t because it is.

“But he’d be happier getting £80million than making his fans happy, with a kickboxer or something like that.

“‘Well this is a joke, I don’t give a sh*t I’m getting £80m’, that’s Floyd.

“So when you look at legacies he should be mentioned with the Leonards, and the Robinsons and people like that.

“But will he be loved like them? No not a chance.

“Watching him fight a kickboxer? I’d probably be doing something more important like doing my hair.”

Mayweather will fight Nasukawa at the 37,000-capacity Saitama Prefecture Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

The fight comes more than a year since he beat UFC star Conor McGregor, 30, by 10th round TKO in August, 2017 in his last fight.

That Las Vegas event was also fought under boxing rules, and came after he’d beaten Andre Berto, 35, in September, 2015.

Hatton says the five-weight world champion deserves a rich legacy for his spectacular boxing ability.

But the former light-welterweight and welterweight says he may fall short of being all-round, all-time great in boxing’s history books.

The famed body-puncher told us: “Well his legacy is already cemented on his ability, I think nobody would question that.

“But you know, if you want to go down as an all-time great, your greatness and your all-time greatness is judged on more than just your ability.

“I don’t think anyone is going to dispute his ability, but Floyd will go where the money goes, it’s what he’s said it’s all about money, it’s all about this.”

He added: “We were moaning not long ago that there were too many belts and too many weights, now we’re fighting catch-weights, catch-sports.

“It’s making a mockery of our sport, I think, somewhere the pound has to be put to the back and say look what’s best for the sport.”

Mayweather is widely considered one of the greatest boxers to have ever laced a pair of gloves.

Although he was not a prolific knockout artist – especially towards the end of his career – his defensive shoulder-roll technique and pinpoint punching accuracy meant he rarely ever failed to dominate his fights.

Out of the ring he continues to live life of extravagant wealth, owning a portfolio of lavish mansions and even owning his own strip club, named the Girl Collection.

The Michigan-native topped Forbes’ 2018 list of highest-paid athlete for the fourth time in seven years, after pocketing an eye-popping figure of around £217,199,125 for his fight with McGregor.

Speaking ahead of his fight with Nasukawa, he said: “It’s all about entertainment. 9 minutes of entertainment.

“If he gets knocked out. If I get knocked out. It don’t go on my record. I’m still 50-0 at the end of the day. So, it really doesn’t matter.”

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