Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade Will Tear Down The Q

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Though Rey Mysterio and Andrade have faced off multiple times on SmackDown Live, this is a match made in heaven that will always feel fresh. So when the two face off at WWE Fastlane 2019, the Cleveland crowd can expect another absolute barn-burner.

At the age of 44, Rey Mysterio remains one of the best professional wrestlers in the world, and the WWE icon has been pushed to the limit by Andrade in their recent series of matches.

Lately, the two have been competing for the United States Championship, but both men came up short in a Triple Threat Open Challenge last week on SmackDown Live and a Fatal Four-Way matchup this week that was won by Samoa Joe.

However, Rey and Andrade will get to settle their differences again, as WWE announced another singles match between these two men. It will occur on the pre-show of WWE Fastlane 2019, and while many fans will complain that this should have been on the main card, it’s still awesome to see that the two will have a match on PPV.

Since the pre-shows of WWE Pay Per Views are broadcast for free on YouTube, fans without network subs could see this match, pick up their jaws off the floor after witnessing what these two men are capable of in the ring, and potentially become enticed to subscribe to the WWE Network.

And even if this amazing match doesn’t convince them, which is understandable, it’s still good for WWE to present high-quality matches to more fans, potentially planting a seed. Beyond that, there’s this stigma about the pre-show being lesser, yet we’ve seen the Cruiserweights, Women’s Divisions, and SmackDown Tag Team Division put together great matches on pre-shows; there’s no reason to hate anymore.

Anyway, Mysterio and Andrade have delivered big-time in all of their matchups together, including a two-out-of-three falls match that was interrupted by Samoa Joe, looking to make one of his many statements in the build to the Royal Rumble, before the final fall could be decided.

Rey and Andrade are in need of a final blow-off match, and there are multiple ways this match could go. Mysterio already has one win over Andrade, while their last match was a draw. So Andrade could win one back, possibly with Zelina Vega’s help, and tie the series for a deciding match at WrestleMania. Or WWE could have another finish without a clear winner to set up a match at ‘Mania.

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Or, hey, maybe neither of those two things happens. Whatever. It doesn’t matter, because these two men are among the absolute best in the world. Their technical ability, chemistry, timing, creativity, athletic ability, and sheer stamina are off-the-charts. I’m excited for this match at Fastlane, and the wrestling fans on East 4th Street had better be prepared for the roof to come off the Quicken Loans Arena.

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