Results, Review, and Grades for November 27th

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On tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live, we’ll see the much-awaited return of SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and former WWE Champion AJ Styles.

She’s ba-aack! That’s right, everyone who’s been waiting with bated breath – SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will be returning to WWE SmackDown Live tonight! The champ has been away since the SmackDown before Survivor Series, where she gave away her spot in her Champion vs. Champion match with Ronda Rousey to her former friend Charlotte Flair. Becky’s face is still very broken.

That’s not going to stop the champ from ruling over the domain, and Becky will be back to supposedly address the actions of Charlotte at Survivor Series and beyond (I feel like I don’t need to remind you what happened anymore).

Will Becky be on board with the new Charlotte, or will Becky be quick to accuse Charlotte of trying to hitch a ride on Becky’s coattails with her newfound attitude?

Former WWE Champion AJ Styles will also be back this week to address someone’s actions – the one’s of new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. The two have a rematch for the championship at TLC next month.

I don’t know how I feel about this one yet; I don’t know if I want to get behind Daniel Bryan as a heel yet (I know he’s a good one, but that doesn’t mean I’m emotionally ready for it yet), or if I’m just going to be happy AJ Styles’ year-long reign is over (not that it was bad, but, breath of fresh air, y’know?). Either way, I’m sure this segment will come down to some more cheap shots a la the Nakamura days.

Jeff Hardy will also be at SmackDown tonight; according to, tonight we’ll be celebrating Hardy’s twentieth anniversary with WWE, and who would have thought we’d see this day, huh? Jeff Hardy actually active on the roster twenty years after his debut, good for him!

How will WWE celebrate? Probably by allowed Hardy to get attacked by Randy Orton, but you didn’t hear that from me.

All this, plus The Uso’s look to lower The Bar (haha, get it?) during a tag match tonight. I think making The Usos the Sole Survivors of the Tag Elimination match at Survivor Series pretty much cemented the fact that The Usos are next in line for an opportunity at the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, so I’m personally expecting a win for them tonight.

Tune in with us here tonight for live updates, results, review, and grades of all the action, airing live on the USA Network at 8PM/7PM Central!

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